Legal Decision-Making And Parenting Time

Arizona no longer uses the terms "custody," "sole custody" or "joint custody." Since the state's laws were rewritten in 2013, the terminology "legal decision-maker" (aka child custody) and "parenting time" (aka visitation) are deemed more appropriate. While the changing labels would seem to be cosmetic, it also addresses the cultural shift in recent decades where both parents' rights are considered equal in court instead of assuming that the mother was the parent primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of the children.

With parental roles less clearly defined, it has been increasingly important that a knowledgeable family law lawyer will be a tremendous asset in resolving disputes and protecting parental rights during divorce. This is particularly the case when drafting and agreeing upon legal decision-making authority and parenting time. Our staff has extensive experience working in family law, including rulings to permit a parent to relocate with the minor children, failure to comply with court orders and defending other parental rights. This can involve parents who are divorced or were never married.

Looking After The Best Interests Of The Children

We always believe in working toward an arrangement that protects the rights of the parents while also prioritizing the best interests of the children. Important issues to consider include:

  • The needs and wishes of the children and their relationship with each parent
  • The needs and wishes of the parents
  • The ability of the parent to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities
  • Determining arrangements that will be least detrimental to the children

The Right Legal Advocates For Your Family

The attorneys at Vescio Law Firm, P.C., have a strong background in working with parents and children. Along with extensive family law experience in private practice, we have also worked for Arizona's Child Protective Services and represented juveniles in court. We also can help guide clients through the process of making a modification as the needs of the family change, children grow up and parents need to move or change jobs.

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