Filing For Divorce

Different couples have different reasons for filing for divorce. Perhaps they simply fell out of love, the relationship became fraught with anger and frustration, or it was somewhere in between. Whatever the reasons, the attorneys at Vescio Law Firm, P.C., understand that the circumstance for each is unique and tailor their guidance accordingly. We sit down with our clients to discuss the details of their situation, focusing in your priorities and needs to move forward while ensuring that rights as an individual and parent are protected.

Our attorneys are based in Glendale and Tucson, serving those communities in a variety of family law issues as well as other legal matters. We work alongside the client throughout the process from initial consultation to the final resolution, matching our hands-on service with a professionalism built on integrity, honesty and a no-nonsense approach. The clients always know their best interests are our priority. Whether your divorce is a high-conflict matter litigated in court, involving complicated finances, or uncontested, our attorneys are always mindful of your needs and goals in the present while also looking to the future.

Family Legal Services Our Firm Provide

Divorce involves a wide range of issues, including such common matters as:

  • Filing for divorce: Whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, we strive to protect the interests of the client throughout the process while being mindful of the impact it can have on the entire family, particularly the kids.
  • Legal separation: Some couples choose not to severe bond of marriage, but still need to make arrangements for living apart and caring for the family.
  • Parenting plans: This involves legal decision-making authority (formerly custody) as well as schedules for the children during holidays, summers and the school year.
  • Support: Child support is based on the joint income of the couple, number of children and other unique factors. Spousal maintenance is often regarded as temporary these days, but each situation is unique.
  • Establishment of paternity: Parents need not marry to gain parental rights and be required to fulfill obligations.
  • Orders of protection: While this often involves law enforcement and going to court, we can help guide clients through this process.
  • Division of assets: Under the community property system in Arizona, all assets gained during the marriage are divided equally in divorce.
  • High-asset divorce: Dividing assets can be particularly complicated when they involve appraisals of client-owned businesses or a large portfolio of assets.

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